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eHearing / InSync

Technical Support
We provide technical support to ensure that your device is compatible with the Zoom platform and that you have a stable internet connection. We can also guide you through the setup process if needed.

We will also perform a test run with the court on zoom system and all electronic presentation of evidence (EPE) to ensure all system are in acceptable condition prior the actually hearing.

Document Preparation
InSync Evidence Platform: A legal technology solution that enhances virtual hearings and promotes efficient collaboration amongst geographically dispersed legal teams.

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Webcast / Live Streaming

Jupiter Live Streaming services is designed to revolutionise the way you connect, engage, and captivate your audience. Whether you’re a business aiming to reach a global customer base, an influencer looking to engage with your followers in real-time, or an event organizer seeking to create unforgettable virtual experiences, our live streaming solutions have got you covered. With our state-of-the-art technology, seamless streaming capabilities, and customizable features, you can effortlessly broadcast high-quality video content to viewers around the world. Experience the power of instant interaction, real-time feedback, and enhanced engagement as you effortlessly share your message, product launches, conferences, and events. Stay ahead of the curve, build strong connections, and leave a lasting impression with our Video Live Streaming services. Unlock the potential of live communication, elevate your brand, and make your mark on the digital landscape with us.

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Virtual Event Platform

Our BMICE Virtual Event Platform is here to revolutionize the way you plan, host, and engage with your virtual events. Running a Webinar, Seminar, Symposium, or Conference, BMICE Platform is designed with innovation and user experience in mind, BMICE offers a comprehensive suite of features to deliver seamless, interactive, and memorable virtual experiences for all attendees.

Most importantly, BMICE is built with feature that supports event owner and event organiser with pre-event marketing to promote the event, post-event analytical function to measure the result of the events.

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Virtual Meeting Support

Our Virtual Meeting Support service is designed to streamline and enhance your remote collaboration experience. Say goodbye to technical glitches, frustrating delays, and disorganized virtual meetings. With our expert team of dedicated professionals, we ensure seamless virtual gatherings that enable your team to connect, collaborate, and achieve goals effortlessly. From setting up secure and reliable video conferencing platforms to managing attendee invitations and troubleshooting technical issues in real-time, our Virtual Meeting Support service takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – productive discussions, innovative ideas, and efficient decision-making. With our attention to detail, personalized assistance, and commitment to delivering exceptional service, you can trust us to create a professional, engaging, and interactive virtual meeting environment that will leave a lasting impression on your participants. Experience the ease and efficiency of virtual collaboration with our Virtual Meeting Support service and unlock the full potential of remote teamwork. We specialise in Zoom Meeting, VooV Meeting, M/S Team Meeting and Google Meet.

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Our system is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes voting easy for all users, regardless of their technical skill level.

Real-time Results:
Our system provides real-time results, allowing you to know the outcome of the election as soon as the voting period ends.
Enhanced accuracy: Our system eliminates the potential for errors that can occur with traditional paper-based voting systems.

Increased participation:
Our system makes voting more accessible and convenient, which can increase voter participation and engagement.

Environmentally friendly:
Our system eliminates the need for paper ballots, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

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