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Jupiter is a leading provider of professional services specializing in eHearing support, webcast/live streaming production, virtual event platforms, Zoom support, iVoting solutions, and eLearning platforms. We offer expert technicians for remote court attendance, deploy camera crews and show directors for corporate events, and provide secure virtual event platforms with features such as online registration, Q&A, live webinars, breakout rooms, and user tracking. Our Zoom support services ensure seamless corporate meetings, and our iVoting platform offers a reliable voting solution for council elections. With our eLearning platform, we provide a comprehensive corporate training experience. Choose Jupiter for all your digital and virtual needs.

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We want to tailor our services around your patent portfolio and prosecution needs so that we can reach the desired outcome together.

About Us

Jupiter is a leading provider of specialized services designed to enhance your digital communication and engagement. With our expertise in various areas, we offer:

  1. eHearing: Our skilled technicians provide comprehensive support for witnesses attending court via Zoom meetings, ensuring seamless virtual proceedings.

  2. Webcast or Live Streaming: We excel in producing high-quality corporate events, deploying camera crews, show directors, and live streaming capabilities to virtual platforms.

  3. Virtual Event Platform: Our platform offers a complete solution for online registration, Q&A sessions, live webinars, breakout rooms, and user tracking, empowering interactive and engaging virtual events.

  4. Zoom Support: We provide dedicated technicians to assist corporate clients in running smooth Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, ensuring hassle-free collaboration.

  5. iVoting: Our secure and reliable voting platform is ideal for council elections, empowering associations to conduct efficient and transparent voting processes.

  6. eLearning: We offer a cutting-edge learning management platform for corporate training, enabling organizations to deliver effective and scalable learning experiences.

At Jupiter, we are committed to delivering top-notch services that drive your digital communication initiatives forward and help you achieve your goals.


Our Mission

Our Mission: Empowering seamless virtual experiences through cutting-edge technology and support services for eHearing, webcasting, virtual events, Zoom assistance, iVoting, and eLearning platforms.

Our Vision

Our Vision:
Transforming digital experiences through innovative solutions for seamless virtual communication, immersive events, secure voting, and efficient corporate training.

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